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Mommedout's HomePage

Hi, and welcome to my page.

I'm a stay-at-home mom with 4 children. To see their pictures as well as ours click here. I live in beautiful sunny Alberta, Canada. I try to keep myself occupied the best that I can. I homeschool my children so that takes quite a lot of my time. I'm a Guide/Pathfinder Leader just click for more details. Brad, my husband has his own business. He is an automotive tech. If you are in the area check his business out.

To read more about our family click on whomever you wish to know more about.


I have many different interests so I'm categorizing them for you to view the ones of interest to you.

Please have patience as the links are not finished yet, check back often to see when they are, but they probably never will be as my life always seems to change.


I am also going to attempt a Holiday page for some of the major holidays including recipes and links.


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